Friday, January 20, 2017

Episode 6 - ARQ

Matt and Dave had a blast at CES, and are back delving through dumpsters to find something good. This episode, they had a little help with a friend with a recommendation for ARQ, available on Netflix. It feels a bit like cheating, since this is a Netflix original, and they've done generally good work, so we've raised the bar with this episode. Does it meet our exacting standards? Do we have standards at all, at this point? Tune in to find out! Also, for our next episode, we'll be doing a gaming twofer with Moirai and Mandagon, both available for free on Steam. Both are relatively short games as well, so however you fancy them, they won't eat up too much of your time.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Episode 5 - Troll Hunter

Happy New Year! We made it through 2016, but did Matt and Dave make it through Troll Hunter? Well, obviously someone is still around to publish the podcast, but maybe this is just found footage...tune in to find out! As a side note, we recorded this episode a week early, so that we'd still have an episode for you fine folks, while we off in Las Vegas covering the Consumer Electronics Show! Keep an eye on and for full coverage of our high jinks! As always, if you have any recommendations of games and movies you think we should give some love, let us know @The3DCast on Twitter or Digital Dumpster Diving on Facebook and everywhere else. Spoilers - for the next episode, Matt and Dave will be reviewing ARQ, available on Netflix.