Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Episode 2 - Minds Eyes

In today's scintillating adventure, Matt & Dave recount their experiences with Minds Eyes, a psychological horror game recently released on Steam, and available for the low, low price of free. Will our heroic hosts escape unscathed? Will they have found a game that's worth your time? Tune in for the exciting conclusion! And stay tuned for the next episode, where we will review Z for Zachariah.

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Episode 1 - Atlantic Rim

We have a podcast? We have a podcast! Welcome everyone to Digital Dumpster Diving! Enjoy our inaugural episode as we jump into the dumpster to pull out Atlantic Rim. No, you may be thinking we meant to say Pacific Rim, but we watched Atlantic Rim. Did we find trash or treasure? Either way, join in and laugh at what will probably be our misfortune!